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A solar ventilation with an energy gain by Grammer Solar is simple and efficient in planning, installation and operation. Place your order for a system directly at our online shop and let it be installed by a local handyman. Experienced handymen can easily install a Twinsolar Compact on their own.

In case you should need professional support regarding construction or installation, you can gladly contact one of our partner companies in your area.
We would readily check up on your planning if you send us pictures and sketches of your house. For this reason, please order the item “Project consultation” in our online shop.

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Self-sufficient SolarAir collector made of seawater-resistant aluminium with integrated solar module, ventilator, start-up thermostat, as well as room thermostat and sound-absorbing cassette

Mounting system as required for facade, roof or set-up angles including penetration for inclined roof or wall, 3 m insulated flexible tube, non-return valve and air outlet.

1 solar air collector SLK, autonomic system, made of saltwater-resistant aluminium;

for recommende room size

- heating: ≤ 15 m²

- intensive ventilation: ≤ 40 m²

- basic ventilation: ≤ 80 m²

peak thermal output: 1,4 kWp

collector dimensions: 2,0 x 1,0 m (2 m²)

weight: 47 kg, connection: DN 125,

incl. integrated ventilator max. 125 m³/h, solar panel ~25Wp and thermostat,

packed: 210 x 110 x 62 cm; 101 kg with pallet

Complete mounting set of inclined roof for collectors SLK 2.0;

Weight: 13,5 kg


- 4 Stair bolts 10 x 180 with hexagon head of stainless steel

- Adaptation blank, V2A

- 2 aluminium rails (1150mm)

- Necessary restraint parts and screws of stainless steel


Gross collector area 2,0 m²
Thermal peak performance 1,4 kWp
Maximum air performance (free blowing) 125 m³/h
Maximum tube length 5 m
Numbers of collectors 1
Connection with quick release clamp -
Integrated solar power module ~ 25 Wp
Integrated ventilator 1
Integrated start-up thermostat 1
Room thermostat with connection cable 1
Sound-absorbing cassette 1
Scope of delivery
Collector system TWINSOLAR compact 2.0
Non-return valve – for a horizontal installation 125 mm
Non-return valve – for an installation in walls -
Air outlet – poppet valve 125 mm
Insulated flexible tube (for indoors) ~ 3 m
Insulated flexible tube (for outdoors) -
Sleeve / plug connector -
Installation accessory
Set of clamps and screws 1
Grammer Solar mounting rail, alu 2 x 1,15 m
Supporting triangle 30° -
Supporting triangle 20-60° -
Roof lead-through 125 mm
Wall lead-through (450mm) -
Fixing parts
Roof hooks (for bricks) -
Roof hooks (for slates) -
Hanger screw 4
Wall fixation angle, alu -
Angle fixation, alu -

TWIN 2.0 Set-Set-pitched roof -Stair bolt, V2A

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