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SolarVentilation: simple...and efficient

As soon as sufficient sunlight falls on the collector, a ventilator starts. Fresh outside air is filtered and drawn in through the heat -insulated air collector. In doing so, the air heats to up to 40°C. (Air heating average in the winter ~17°, during the changing of seasons ~30°). The warm air now enters the house via an insulated pipe. With only 1m² of collector surface area, 15m² of living space can be well ventilated and kept dry in Germany (in the south up to 30m²). Mould and damage caused by dampness are a thing of the past. In exchange for this, the interior air is completely exchanged on average 1-2 times on winter days or 4-10 times in spring and fall.

Even when there's no-one at home

A SolarAir installation by Grammer Solar is fully-automatic and reliable in operation. Freezing, leaking and evaporating are completely impossible with air collectors. If no heat is required on sunny days, the installation automatically switches off. Change the filter once a year - apart from this there are no other operating or maintenance costs.



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Example: Performance of Twinsolar 2.0 in Amberg

German Quality...subsidised by the state

Our SolarAir collectors are being developt already for 30 years in our own factory in Amberg under the highest demands on quality. They are very robust and can be used during decades.


SolarAir collectors by Grammer Solar are subsidised in Germany.


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